About The Club

Cyrano has been in existence for over 50 years.  It was founded by Bert Bracewell, who subsequently went on to become Scottish National Coach.  For over 30 years the coach has been Dave Hanrahan and the administrator has been Anne Hanrahan.  We have always been a small club, but during this time its members have won all the major men’s foil titles in the country, including the following National Championships:

                                   Men’s Senior Foil  (4 times)

                             Men’s Under-20 Foil  (5 times)

                              Boy’s Under-18 Foil  (2 times)

                             Girl’s Under-18 Foil  (Once)

                             Boys Cadet Foil  (2 times)

                             Boy’s Under-16 Foil  (3 times)

                             Boys Under-14 Foil  (3 times)

                              Girl’s Under-14 Foil  (Once)

                             Boy’s Under-12 Foil  (3 times)

The team has also been runners-up in the National Team Foil on 3 occasions,

Our members have also won most of the major Open Championships, including:

     Leon Paul International         Bristol Open              Welsh Open

     Essex Open                         Leicester Open           Slough Open


We have had representatives at 24 World Championships at Senior, Cadet and Junior level and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.