Training sessions take place at the Waterside Farm Sports Centre at the following times:

                                             Sunday                10.30 am   -   1.30 pm

                                             Wednesday          7.30 pm  -    10.00 pm

The Sunday sessions commence with a strenuous group workout consisting of a warm up, fitness exercises, footwork and stretching.  This is followed by individual lesson and fighting on the electric boxes.

The Wednesday sessions consist of individual lessons and fighting on the electric boxes,

We welcome beginners, who are all taught on a one-to-one basis.  We can supply basic equipment so that newcomers can start fighting as soon as possible and quickly become integrated into the club.


The cost is £7.00 per session, which includes an individual lesson.  If, exceptionally, a fencer does not receive an individual lesson the charge is only £4.00.  There is no membership fee.  

For beginners there is no charge for the first session.